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Our selection OFFICINA36


A passion handed down from generation to generation.

There is not just one Officina36 man, and Marco Pelinga, a third-generation entrepreneur, knows this well. Indeed, it was he who created OFFICINA36 in 2009, the men's fashion brand that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of the family where the figures of father and son are confronted daily, as had already happened between his father and his grandfather. Season after season, what was once a small family business has grown, continuing to strengthen its presence on the market thanks to a dedicated and enthusiastic team that, with talent and passion, manages to make each collection unique and special. The experience gained in the clothing production sector for over thirty years is reflected today in the quality and refinement of the men's fashion line OFFICINA36.

Stand out in every occasion by following fashion trends.

Style is not a question of age, it is a way of being. The theme of generational change is a fundamental part of our philosophy and is the common thread for every collection. Our fashion proposal is not aimed at a single type of man or even a single age group, as in a game of mirrors the roles alternate: it is the son who borrows his father's jacket but is also the father wearing son's jeans.
The casual-cool-chic spirit adapts perfectly to the most adult man as well as the younger one: two age groups united by a way of dressing. Classic and contemporary blend in a total look that moves between the working and the free time for men who, from the work meeting to the aperitif in the center, want to feel at ease in every situation, from the most to the least formal.

Beautiful and re-beautiful. A little 'sailors, a little' poets, a bit 'romantic "rascals": the men of the spring / summer 2018 of OFFICINA36 are heroes dreamers looking for emotions.

OFFICINA36 for the spring / summer 2018 celebrates the dreamer in search of emotions, a traveler who chooses to leave for distant places and interior spaces, and who moves his steps between sportswear, flower-army and seafaring. For the warmer season the lines become soft, the colors warm up, the military inspiration is softened by the floral, the sporty one with formal elegance: the men's fashion is dynamic but at the same time relaxed and, naturally, casual-cool-chic . The leitmotiv of travel and discovery is in matching jackets and gilets, in shirts without collar, in trench coats, in pinstripes and in a palette of colors from sand to burnt that refer to the retro elegance of those from Europe who ventured to conquest of new territories. Next to the gentleman who chooses the light and delicate nuances of a refined look, there is a rebellious sportsman with a light air. A multifaceted and contemporary Ulysses that rides the ocean and wears colored sweatshirts and sneakers, interpreter of a style in which mermaids and floral motifs blend into trendy and refined outfits. The roses bloom from the military green jacket-shirt, must-have for next summer: embroidery is the protagonist as to remind us that you can be intrepid heroes without giving up poetry. To be worn with drawstring trousers, "sun" t-shirt and "tennis" shoes unlined in leather. Colorful shirts, denim with finishes reminiscent of the waves of the sea, outerwear with a rock soul in leather: emotions are peeping out in the cuts, in the details, in the prints on the t-shirts. With the spring / summer 2018 collection OFFICINA36 celebrates the style of a man "as free as the ocean" able to show a poetic personality, free from the idea of ​​machismo and in search of a new feeling.