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“It was 1978, I was 23 and I desperately looked for a belt fit for a young man of my age, so I decided to make one with a piece of skin taken from a shoemaker. A friend who had a boutique liked this belt so much that she pushed me into making others. I looked at the calendar and I never forgot that date, it was January 15th, 1979".

Claudio Orciani immediately decided to create a belt that was different from the classic ones sold on the market. Since he knew no suppliers and tanners and he had no formal training in leather-working, he made a virtue out of necessity and focused on creativity. He started studying and he avoided current fads. Claudio Orciani sought absolute minimalism by making a seamless curved belt, for example. He also designed the first belt made of elasticized leather, an innovation that was later adopted by the entire sector. The brand's DNA was gradually formed: dynamism, unconventionality, creativity, superb raw materials, and a passion for outstanding artisan workmanship. The most striking area of the plant that Claudio Orciani prefers is the "workshop of the demiurge" (a figure of Greek mythology that used water and fire to transform matter) where leather is also worked using fire. In the meantime, Orciani created his first bags: here, too, unusual shapes and production techniques were tested. He used fine leather such as exclusive vegetable-tanned hides from Italy's top tanneries.

Inspired by his early days of business, when he was forced to think up an alternative closing system because he had no available buckles, in 2013 Claudio invented Nobuckle, which replaced the traditional buckle belt. The revolutionary Nobuckle was at the basis of the Airports of the World project, pop-up stores with a clever oversized suitcase format in international airports. The first was opened in Malpensa Airport of Milan in December 2013.


An eclectic and unconventional figure, Claudio Orciani has also worked with world-renowned artists such as Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mario Ceroli and Valeriano Trubbiani, making a trio of artists' belts in a limited edition. This project took place in 1997, as illustrated in the book with foreword by Gillo Dorfles.

Even rock music and its soul are a continuous source of inspiration for Orciani, who has created artistic guitars assembled from pieces of belts, bags, gloves and wallets. All prototypes were made during his research.

In 2013, Orciani participated in the production of the film "Il Giovane Favoloso" by director Mario Martone about the tormented life of Giacomo Leopardi, the sublime poet from the Marches region, which was presented last September at the Venice Film Festival.


Orciani is a company that respects nature and uses alternative energies. The plant has a photovoltaic solar panel system that supplies power to a geothermal unit used for heating and air conditioning.
Our Company uses 100% renewable Energy with European certification EECS-GO.
The plant is equipped with an innovative geothermal system that makes use of the groundwater for heating and cooling working areas avoiding the use of methane gas.
Part of the Energy is produced by a photovoltaic system installed without government incentives.
Orciani Spa promotes, with a voluntary spirit, a policy of energy efficiency aimed at reducing waste and encouraging virtuous behaviour of all employees.

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