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"You can't invent quality, it is something you reach after many years of experience. Knitwear will always be a big handicraft and never an industry”. Starting from this commitment, Gianluigi Vavassori, Creative Director and Founder of the OBVIOUS BASIC, tells the story of his brand: "Our legacy is based on the family. It is an intuition of our parents Erminio Vavassori and Rosa Frigerio, that inspired and convinced them to open in the 1962 a small knitwear shop. Their life and destiny changed, so that of their sons. They started like that, it was a bet. But they quickly found themselves running a large knitwear production, with a relevant turnover and prestigious clients. Those were years of commitment, efforts but with a lot of satisfactions that led to the 2004. During this year a generational replacement took place, myself and my brother Roberto started running the company. We immediately decided to make some changes, based on our solid experience in the textile and “Made in Italy” tailoring. And we focused our work on male fashion production". "We then started a partnership with Paolo Pecora, a licensee that will last a decade with a turnover of 12 million Euros. It is at this point that we launched the brand OBVIOUS BASIC “by Paolo Pecora” as a integrated collection. It is a modern line with modern, eclectic and eccentric items. The character and personality of the style is so strong that I soon decided to launch it as an autonomous brand during the winter of 2013. It was the first independent collection of OBVIOUS BASIC. I don't believe in a boring male fashion, that is always the same season after season. My commitment is for a smart casual look, where irony is always a key player in daily life".

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