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Our selection MASON'S



The MASON'S brand was born in 1974 following a trip to South America undertaken almost by accident and the discovery of a series of items belonging to the military of the Colombian liberation army that became the inspiration for the development of a resistant and essential wardrobe. Over the years the brand has evolved: it has created a product that is the result of research and innovation, without ever abandoning its tradition, and above all continuing to believe in its origins; and that is why some fabrics are and will remain a point of reference in each sample, alongside other more avant-garde ones.


MASON'S style combines stylistic refinement with functional rigour: dressing MASON'S means assimilating a dress code that gives a nod to the most precious Italian manufacturing tradition, while at the same time appropriating modern technologies to create innovative products. Those who choose MASON'S rely on clothing that reflects a precise idea of modus vivendi; more than a male wardrobe is a philosophy: aesthetics at the service of function. MASON'S products are strongly linked to the Italian spirit and to the preciousness of the territory of origin - which is also a constant source of inspiration - designed for an international consumer who is very demanding compared to the quality, elegance and uniqueness of the product. The strengths of MASON'S are the continuous research done by the style office team, the experimentation on materials and treatments and the passion of all those who contribute to the creation of a product in which they believe. The informal elegance of MASON'S is designed for leisure, for travel, for the weekend but also for everyday life: the "Em's collection" for example, from the most classic lines but still full of details of quality, it is ideal for daily work commitments. MASON'S is distributed in the best multi-brand boutiques and department stores in Italy and worldwide. The philosophy is to present a product that is as competitive and coherent as possible with seasonal trends without distorting it. We try to feel the pulse of the market through constant feedback work between us and our agents. Currently, the company is directing the communication on the product, so as to bring even closer the end customer to the world of MASON'S Today the goal is to combine sartorial, contemporary design and research on materials, ingredients that make MASON'S a unique brand, a brand that embodies the quintessence of luxury made in Italy.