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Our selection MOMA


MOMA, is the acronym of MIDNIGHT OVER MY ACTION (my actions after midnight) to represent the sleepless nights of the Gironacci brothers around Europe, in search of ideas, inspirations, to look and learn. MOMA was born in the late eighties in a small workshop in the heart of the Marche region, it is a 100% made in Italy company that uses the expertise of artisans who follow unchanging rules over time. MOMA shoes are handmade, mixing fine leathers from the best Tuscan tanners through ancient and at the same time very modern artisan techniques out of the clichés of fashion design through the unbeatable weapons of traditional Made in Italy. MOMA shoes are reinvented each season, new colors and combinations of materials make them inimitable, they are unique and timeless products. Destructured, worn, sometimes faded, indestructible, comfortable, comfortable shoes; characterized by contrasts between upper and strings, box bottoms, blake stitching, leather washed in barrels, dipped, drummed to express the personality of Italian artisan footwear projected into the contemporary of the future.