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Our selection BACK 70

back 70


Back 70 stands out in the world of sportswear with a strong identity and a vintage flair. Where traditional tailoring merges with contemporary design, Back 70 footwear is born: a tribute to the 1970s, a decade of stylistic audacity and cultural revolutions. Our vision is rooted in a passion for sports and the expressive freedom of that era, evoked through clean lines and retro details.

Located in Vigonovo near Venice, it draws on collaboration between industry experts to create cutting-edge shoes. The brand has quickly established itself in Europe, becoming a symbol of design innovation.

Each sneaker is a unique piece, crafted with premium materials that translate into timeless comfort and style. At Back 70, the ancient meets the modern in a dance that celebrates movement and the vibrancy of dynamic living.

Back 70 caters to those who desire style, comfort, and environmental responsibility. It's the choice for those who want to stand out in a journey of continuous evolution in the sneaker world.