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Our selection SATORISAN

Creating shoes that last: this is the mission of Satorisan, a footwear brand based in Valencia, Spain. Shoes that stand the test of time and tell the story of those who wear them. Satorisan bases its production on four fundamental values: quality, comfort, uniqueness, and affordability. Satorisan designs and produces footwear with special attention to construction, fit, and craftsmanship through an environmentally friendly production process. The materials are as sustainable as possible: from recycled leather to genuine leather to ensure durability and comfort. A continuous search to find the right balance between quality and affordability. This colorful Spanish brand offers products that allow everyone to live simply, slowly, and in harmony with nature. A strong point of Satorisan is the colorful sneakers with uppers that are a patchwork of materials. The women's offerings tie up with stylish velvet ribbons. The brand name is inspired by a mythical creature from ancient Japan, known as Satori. According to legend, Satori meets people on their journey through life and helps them discover their inner spirit and find their true self.