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Our selection FESSURA

FESSURA was born in Italy, in the heart of the Marche hills, with the goal of revolutionizing the world of sneakers by drawing inspiration from Tradition and focusing on Innovation.

The aim is to create a first line of technical footwear that not only follows fashion but is also suitable for top athletes and enthusiasts alike. FESSURA is a young and dynamic brand that doesn't simply aim to design sneakers but strives to innovate the way style is interpreted and communicated, by reimagining the footwear production process. FESSURA's imagination has always been fueled by the desire to protect the environment. For this reason, the brand was the first to reduce CO2 emissions in footwear production, explore new materials, and identify cutting-edge production processes. Their Runflex® is a sneaker that is both simple and complex, blending contemporary aesthetics with technological excellence. Designed for running and leisure, this shoe stands out for its linear and dynamic design. These sneakers are designed to offer a new movement experience; the four cushions inserted in the sole can absorb and simultaneously release energy in different areas of the foot, following reflexology principles: it's like recharging with every step. These sneakers are innovative and Made in Italy. They are built from lightweight materials, are flexible, cushioned, and have high rebound, and they are also stylish, colorful, and easy to pair with both sporty and casual-business outfits. FESSURA shoes are innovative, patented, high-performing, technological, and style-conscious.