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Our selection SHOTO

Handmade shoes since 1960 in Montegranaro, Marche. Shoto is an Italian artisanal company that has been creating art for three generations, through the processing of leathers and the craftsmanship in building uniquely designed footwear, merging tradition with contemporary forms. Vegetable-tanned leathers of various types and origins are worked through an elaborate traditional process, resulting in unique pieces with an exceptional patina and appearance, incredibly comfortable, versatile, and with a sporty appeal. Shoto shoes have a robust and rugged appearance, being extremely comfortable thanks to the soft calf leather lining. The soles are made from solid leather discs and are hand-finished. To achieve the vintage "flavor" of the final product, the process starts with a white shoe that is then hand-colored; each shoe is different from the others at the end of production. These shoes are the expression of the passion and enthusiasm of three generations of Italian craftsmen: high-quality footwear. Shoto is aimed at a discerning audience that prefers products with a strong yet understated character. Those who choose SHOTO know they have a product that is impossible to achieve on an industrial scale. An all-Italian excellence that could not be missing on Derna's shop