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Prosperine is an Italian company based in Arezzo that has been producing ballerina shoes since 1970, known for their "sacchetto" craftsmanship that provides flexibility and quality to the footwear.

This brand is a leader in the production of ballerina shoes, beloved by women for being comfortable, colorful, versatile, fashionable, and suitable for any occasion. Prosperine offers high-quality models, made with prestigious leathers, refined fabrics, and leather, resulting in shoes that are perfect for meeting the needs of all customers. Prosperine's ballerinas are dedicated to those who love the bon-ton style, those who seek chic shoes, and those who cannot do without colorful footwear as an alternative to high heels. Prosperine's ballerina shoes are lightweight, practical, and ideal to carry in your bag for a quick outfit change! Check out our selection now: colorful, solid, pointed, multicolored, or solid color, you will surely find the one that represents you the most!


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