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Our selection SOLOTRE


SOLOTRE is a brand created in 2015 by GZZ Srl. The company belongs to the Zanchi family, which has been involved in the textile sector in the province of Padua for generations.

SOLOTRE is warm and enveloping knitwear that meets the needs of the decisive and glamorous woman who loves refined yet comfortable yarns. Various models are available, choose from colourful cardigans, tops, turtlenecks, cropped jumpers, SWEATERS over t-shirts. 

SOLOTRE is also well-made trousers available in various models: palazzo trousers, jeans, long trousers to create your ever-changing outfit!

SOLOTRE clothing also offers dresses, jackets and outerwear not to be missed!!!

SOLOTRE offers women's clothing of impeccable quality; its style is minimal, comfortable, charming and decidedly feminine. The garments in the collections are soft, made with sartorial care, the materials are fine, the colours are sophisticated, from classic to bright and the fit is comfortable.

A feminine fashion that combines classic and modern.

A brand proudly MADE IN ITALY, always up-to-date with market trends.