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Our selection FABI


FABI, sneakers whose inclusiveness is one of their strong points!

Here are the 'gender free' sneakers, unisex in nature, in shape, in style!

They are shoes born from the desire to be free to interpret trends and experience them in a transversal way.

The technical and universal value of a FABI shoe is determined by all-Italian skills: they are designed, developed and made in Italy.

Sneakers created with the expertise of a long history and with the modernity of a great and fun choice of colours.

Kilim' uppers made on looms that process pure stretch cotton materials in a double weave and also in light, strong and colourful Italian technical fabrics.

The super-flexible rubber sole with coloured details provides exceptional comfort and maintains the unique flavour of the handmade product. A soft fit is comfortable for a lightweight shoe designed for everyone.

Choose your FABI: light-hearted, colourful, optimistic, irreverent and fun!