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Our selection MARITAN VERONA


Maritan Verona, is a Veronese company led by the siblings Gabriele and Katia Maritan; it was born in 1995 from the intuition and passion of his father, Giancarlo Maritan. The main office is in Villafranca di Verona, once linked to the footwear tradition of the Riviera del Brenta. The two production sites founded in Romania and Moldova have been added to the main plant. In the three locations the company produces well-made footwear, employing employees who follow the phases of research, development and industrialization of the product. The demand is about 60% of the cost. And we love it!
Using the knowledge, style and tradition of the Maritan family, the brand creates an innovative and exclusive project: Maritan Verona, in fact, is an all-Italian brand, from concept to creation.
That of Maritan Verona is a line of handcrafted footwear, with a contemporary aesthetic taste, with excellent attention to detail and a careful selection of raw materials.
Footwear with a modern, strictly Italian style, of great craftsmanship quality and with the ability to intercept current trends.
Casual, with essential and minimal lines, soft and flexible, Maritan Verona men's and women's shoes are perfect for giving a casual and refined touch to the look.
Maritan Verona's moccasins are designed for leisure time but also ideal for going to work.
The versatility of the footwear is the basis of the brand's concept: designed to accompany every moment of the day, adapting to every outfit.
The range of colors and combinations allows many possibilities!
Maritan Verona shoes are made in Italy, handcrafted with a contemporary design using eco-sustainable materials to reduce the environmental impact.