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Our selection BnG REAL SHOES


An all-Italian reality, the idea of ​​a couple of passionate designers of footwear and fashion, attentive to changing costumes, regardless of passing fashions.
The BNG REAL SHOES shoes are truly REAL: with attention to the smallest detail and entirely handmade.
Each pair is unique, has its own name determined by the color and a serial number.
The toe and logo in natural leather, the "San Crispino" stitching completely handmade, the insole in natural leather, the colored profiles and the sole in EVA (super light foam material) immediately catch the eye. All leathers are tanned in the most natural way possible, "crome free" and "metal-free"; the colors are water-based and each shoe is dyed, worked and hand-treated to give it a vintage look. All the models produced are lined in natural colored calfskin, another iconic feature of the brand together with the toe cap in leather.
Even the internal insole is handmade in "calf crust" in natural color coupled with a "memory foam", and it is precisely the internal insole that determines the fit of the shoe: removing or inserting the insole determines the fit. The BNG REAL SHOES can be used with or without an internal insole as they are perfectly finished.
The company has chosen to use only materials from national companies, any step in building these shoes is Italian: from leather to color, from soles to seams, it is Italian; a choice that we respect and promote!
The shoes of BNG REAL SHOES are conceived, designed, built and produced in Veneto, a land with well-known artisan traditions. Without a doubt, they are the footwear of character, comfortable, light and colorful.
We really like the phrase that defines who the brand is aimed at:
"For those who do not differentiate but express themselves. For those who do not follow but decide. For those who are not satisfied but seek quality"