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Our selection D.A.T.E.


A dynamic company that seeks modernity and style with a defined project: to create well-kept, trendy, eco-compatible and always new sneakers. The brand name (born in London from the meeting between four people with four well-defined personalities) is nothing more than the acronym of the initials of their names; the project develops in Tuscany, with the know-how of this fantastic region so illustrious not only for having given birth to poets and artists.

D.A.T.E. shoes they are "invented" in Italy, designed and conceived in Tuscany, with exclusively Italian materials and then assembled elsewhere. The D.A.T.E. it is located in Empoli in a bright, clear and full of light structure, almost in contrast to the garage where the four founders of the brand improvised a craft workshop for the entire summer of 2005, that beautiful summer that allowed them to produce the first sneakers and then being noticed at the Pitti Uomo in January 2006 and now known everywhere.