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Our selection LEMARGO


Lemargo is part of Saint Ferry, a proudly family-owned Italian company owned by Leombruni di Montegranaro in the Marche region. One of those artisan footwear companies that last over time.
Lemargo's logo is made up of the back, an iron segment placed under the sole, which is the basis of the structure of each shoe. They practically decided to extract the soul of the shoe and show it, a winning idea as well as vaguely poetic. The Lemargo brand was born in 2016 with the intent of the Leombruni family to renew the production and refresh its style a little; create this new brand taking its name from an aquatic animal, a finless shark that recalls the little back placed under the shoes and above all remembers that all the brand's shoes are all garment-dyed and the result is always extraordinary, the colors and the washes they make each shoe different from the other. Even the packaging is particular, the shoes are placed in the cotton bags in which they were placed in the drums for dyeing; they are handmade shoes with extreme care and following the dictates of the Italian footwear tradition.