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Our selection TOLEMAIDE


The name of this small artisan company is already unique. A name with an ancient, classic sound, inspired by that of a city in Cyrenaica, founded a few centuries before Christ.
Tolemaide was born in 2001 and stands out for the romantic, sober and essential character of its fine handmade jewelery. Creations characterized by a fascinating retro taste, pendants and spheres in fine handmade ceramic, which suggest the slow and careful craftsmanship of the old style. The colors of the ceramic "pearls" are inspired by nature, delicate flowers and fragrant spices. Each piece is unique, with flaws and peculiarities due to manual processing. The metal used for jewelry is usually brass, versatile and malleable, antiqued and burnished.
Tolemaide jewels are a touch of romantic nostalgia for those who love small things with a delicate, vintage and graceful taste.