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Our selection BOEMOS


Boemos was born in 1961 in the lively and pulsating heart of Tuscany.
The company roots its development in an area rich in history and traditions linked to production and commercial capacity, which have their roots back to the Renaissance, when local manufactures were already appreciated throughout Europe.
A strong legacy that has evolved towards other productive sectors such as wine, which contributes to making Tuscany not only one of the areas of agricultural vocation of quality among the most important in the world but also one where the production capacity merges with the beauty of a landscape unique in its kind and to a growing respect for nature. The region's territory is rich in naturalistic oases, parks and protected areas, but it is also characterized by manufacturing settlements that have long focused on environmentally friendly production, just think of the Leather District and the leather supply chain, of which the The shoe industry is an integral part, which was among the first in Europe to have an effective purification plant.
Undoubtedly, the recognition at international level of the value of the Tuscan territory continually recalls important interests and encourages local companies to face the challenges that the current market offers with spirit and awareness.
For several years, Boemos, born from the partnership of two master craftsmen, has been renewed thanks to the contribution of the new generation, heir of the founders of the company, which, maintaining the main features of the company's production, that is the style, the particularity of the Made by hand and the taste of Made in Italy, it has been able to introduce important technical and working innovations, stylistic innovations in line with the most current fashion demands and a constant attention to the news that can capture the customers' interest. Boemos, with its "Boemos" and "Mos" lines, is aimed at a young and at the same time attentive target to product quality. For some years now, the initial production of men's shoes has been joined by that of women's footwear, which has immediately achieved excellent results, gaining a significant slice of the market. One of the company's main inputs is to believe in the constant presence and visibility of the most important exhibitions in the footwear sector, from Milan's Micam to Dusseldorf's GDS to the Première Classe in Paris, following and sometimes anticipating fashion trends without giving up a careful research of raw materials and experimentation directly in the company, where the modelers are daily engaged in perfecting and updating the models in production. The distinctive features of the company's production are the bag processing, garment dyed products and above all l "Ideal" or "Stitched Down", which has always been the strong point of the Boemos brand, of which the company remains today with pride one of the few producers in Italy and thanks to it is easily recognizable in the EU and US markets.
The Boemos company is also part of the "Toscana Shoe Fashion Consortium", not one of the many brands in the footwear universe, but a business system that has decided to engage concretely in a high-level production that guarantees consumers quality, innovation and high manufacturing capacity.