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is a shoe factory located in Castel d’Ario near Mantua.

ASTORFLEX was born towards the end of the 19th century as a family-run artisan reality and then turned into a small industry until it became, now, a leading company in the production of BEAUTIFUL, ETHICAL and ECO-SUSTAINABLE footwear and really MADE IN ITALY.

ASTORFLEX produces high quality shoes with selected raw materials and with an eye towards the environment and towards workers.

ASTORFLEX are shoes with low environmental impact: the production process begins with an accurate and careful choice of materials;

the PARA (natural rubber) for the sole, the CUOIO PIENO FIORE for the insole, the traditional CONCIA IN FOSSA with vegetable tannins to guarantee energy savings with a reduced consumption of water and a treatment of the leather without using chemical products and CALF LEATHER for the uppers it is extremely breathable and suitable for totally natural pit tanning.

Beautiful, comfortable, natural, traceable, ecological shoes dedicated to a clientele that consciously consumes, not influenced by fashions, brands, advertising.

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