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Our selection ENTRE AMIS


ENTRE AMIS is a brand founded in 2009 and specialized in the production of men's trousers with a tailored fit.
The name is self-explanatory because the company's goal is to offer an impeccable product, a product of Italian tradition but transversal, perfect for any occasion and with a style suitable even for new generations.
ENTRE AMIS creates pants with a perfect fit, with a current allure that points to the quality of the fabrics; the company is always looking for materials with special dyes and finishes, new textures with original patterns often created exclusively.
ENTRE AMIS therefore produces trousers with a traditional soul but with a modern flavor, strictly made in Italy. ENTRE AMIS offers a wide selection of jeans, denim, classic chinos up to the calzone with double pinces, high waist and dandy soul.
The strengths of the ENTRE AMIS trousers are fit and comfort, thanks to a happy intuition: being among the first to offer men's trousers in stretch fabrics and this is the reason why the ENTRE AMIS trousers are so comfortable to wear.