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Our selection MARA BINI


MARA BINI "an all-female brand" MARA BINI is a footwear brand born in the north-east of Italy in the second half of the eighties. The philosophy is to offer a product of great quality; the production is entirely MADE IN ITALY and artisanal starting from the seam, the assembly up to the finishing with the accessories. The materials are guaranteed, resistant and robust to guarantee durability. MARA BINI takes care to offer shoes that are a guarantee for the health and well-being of the feet, shoes created to be worn all day long, beautiful, comfortable, quality; footwear for all tastes, classic or modern, to satisfy the most varied tastes. MARA BINI shoes feature is the special "bag processing" known because it is able to give maximum comfort to the foot, guarantees flexibility, comfort, lightness and sturdiness- Shoes so soft that they can be folded simply by holding them between thumb and forefinger. "The foot has 28 bones, 27 joints, 100 ligaments, 25 muscles and a highly branched nervous and capillary system. It needs a shoe that is worthy. "