Our selection BIONEUMA


The BIONEUMA brand is born from the passion for the world of biological combined with the desire to protect the environment as modus vivendi poured into the clothing industry. BIONEUMA makes use of years of experience in the fashion industry. The name, almost poetic, comes from the fusion of two Greek words, BIO as "living" and NEUMA which means "sign-nod-melody". BIONEUMA expresses the desire to go back to the origins, to simple products and pure lines; combed organic cotton fabrics (GOTS certified), naturally soft and hypoallergenic that allow perspiration and maintain the natural balance of the skin; only natural raw materials, with proven supply chain, with the requirements to be "organic". Who wears BIONEUMA clothes makes a different choice; is a consumer aware of the world of organic and is committed to safeguarding the environment, with an eye on the comfort and aesthetics of what it wears. BIONEUMA creates items with an essential appearance but refined in cuts, in volumes, in details, a fashion that overcomes time thanks to the excellent quality of raw materials.