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Our selection 8PM

8 PM

Established in January 2009. A collection designed by Luana Rivi and Marinella Sighinolfi, two designers from Modena who have been creating high-end fashion collections for over 10 years. Their work is produced and distributed by Bologna-based Gruppo M.G. srl, a top-of-the-range clothing manufacture that offers a blend of traditional skills and industrial expertise.

the initial idea

The initial idea was to create a collection that was sophisticated yet effortless. The collections reveal the two designers’ passion for couture, for sumptuous materials, stylish lines and the art of tailoring, as well as a desire to create everyday wear, that is both comfortable and accessible to all, without sacrificing elegance and creativity.

the name

Hence the name, 8PM, chosen as it symbolises that moment when the working day ends and our personal lives begin. 8PM is the meeting of two worlds, the formal and informal, that are seamlessly joined by the collection’s philosophy of providing imaginative total looks that are wearable round the clock.

the ultimate fabric

Cotton fleece - the ultimate fabric for casual wear with its soft and versatile features - is the key choice for this collection. With a creative couture touch, it is transformed and teamed with other premium textiles, such as silk, wool, and leather, to create stylish, feminine garments. Taking its cue from vintage wardrobes for the forms, the collection even features a number of original pieces.
An understated use of colour is enhanced by sophisticated, high fashion accents, created using a range of stylish and innovative treatments.

street style

All this makes for a fusion of street style and rigorous formality, in the looks and the materials. Designed for the woman of today, an expressive, contemporary woman, unbound by age.