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Our selection BRADOR


An all-Italian brand, was founded in 2003 by Eurotop & Brador Srl, a footwear company that handed down the manufacturing tradition of Romagna from generation to generation.

Genuine leather sandals designed to be beautiful when new and over time.
The beauty of Brador footwear is made unique by the wearer and the leathers acquire value over time, the quality and beauty of the materials improve step by step.

They are shoes of excellent workmanship that resist use because they are made according to the canons of true Made in Italy.
Each Brador sandal or shoe reaches your feet directly from the skilled hands of the craftsmen.
Each piece is handcrafted using the highest quality hides and skins.
In this way you can have unique shoes with a timeless style and beyond fashion.
The company's motto is "Every Brador has a story" and stems from the idea that each shoe must be unique, unrepeatable and made in Italy according to high standards of style, value, comfort and beauty.

The peculiarity of Brador products is given by the use of natural materials and the manual work of the artisans. Brador sandals are unique.

100% Made in Italy products.