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Our selection SEMICOUTURE


SEMICOUTURE is an Italian brand born in 2009 from the mind of Erika Cavallini. SEMICOUTURE has established itself at the Italian and world level thanks to its ability to maintain the philosophy of the small workshop, to give confidence to people, thanks to the desire to enhance the culture, the tradition of taste and the poetry that Italy boasts in the craft field and artistic.


A head of SEMICOUTURE is precious because it is packed with passion with love and with the craftsmanship that everyone envies at MADE IN ITALY. SEMICOUTURE is completely MADE IN ITALY and this is a real business card, MADE IN ITALY means only style but also means paying attention to raw materials, workmanship, details and "women with golden hands" that pack every garment SEMICOUTURE with enthusiasm and naturalness. SEMICOUTURE is original, recognizable, the clothes of SEMICOUTURE express an unconventional femininity made of details and equilibrium outside the box but resolutely authentic. SEMICOUTURE dresses transversely metropolitan girls and practical women who want a fresh modern garment to use at any time of the day, a dress that has personality and is timeless.