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Our selection EKP


EKP is a young brand born in Tuscany, thanks to the imagination and creativity of a group of friends. The EKP product range mainly consists of shoes made of excellent leather, trendy models, casual, with comfortable yet very feminine shapes.

Each model undergoes careful checks in all stages: design, raw material procurement, production planning, and finally, quality control of the finished product.

The brand's mission is to produce high-quality, fashionable, comfortable, and trendy women's shoes. The collections have a fresh and fashionable feel, with a preference for soft, often woven leathers, paired with details such as studs, buckles, and rhinestones. There is a particular focus on comfort and practicality.

Our selection includes slippers, sandals, clogs, ballet flats, ankle boots, loafers, and western boots. EKP is a young and dynamic brand; the collections offer excellent value for money and are of high-quality craftsmanship.