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Our selection LEREW'S


LEREW'S shoes are born from the idea of ​​revising the things of the past and repainting them with originality. A LEREWS shoe is born from the memory, but has the scent of today and the bright color of what is current, comes from the things that were used once, and have the freshness of what is new. LEREW'S looks for your memories to color them and give them a touch of novelty. LEREW'S makes MADE IN ITALY shoes, are packaged with craftsmanship, relying on the historical experience of small shoe factories. LEREW'S shoes are sewn by hand, with the famous IDEAL seam that ties the upper to the midsole. The hides are dyed in cask and then left to dry slowly to give them softness and more vibrant colors.


LEREW'S makes use of the skill and expertise of leather artisans who pass on knowledge and secrets from generation to generation, LEREW'S shoes are cut, edged, assembled and finished entirely by hand, this gives the product value and uniqueness.