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Our selection PAWELK'S


We still remember the smell of glue and the sound of the machines that cut the leather and shaped the wooden shoe trees. It was just after the War, when shoes were still made by hand. Our father, who had spent years working in the trade, started the business in 1964, opening a small workshop with “semi-automatic” belt-driven machines. He spoke the dialects of Bari, Lecce and Naples, along with those of his clients. Industrialisation was beginning, and businesses were transforming themselves with new materials and new machines... we remember a family discussion about how we should proceed. As for us, we were too emotionally involved to abandon these smells and sounds ... we couldn’t resist the fascination of shoes. From the beginning we harboured a dream – our own brand. In 1992 the Eveet brand was born, and we moved gradually from production to marketing. Some production was continued at the old family concern, while we increasingly wrestled with the difficult task of finding a balance between quality, style and convenience. This led us to realise another dream: restoring the value of the historic Pawelk’s brand, which, through misfortune and circumstance, had lain hidden and unused among the dusty relics of an important footwear business. Pawelk's was reborn! And now its elegant refinement and chic blend of fashion and practicality can also be found in our marvellous collection of women’s shoes... meanwhile we await the next exciting challenge.