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Our selection LÖWENWEIß

Lowenweiss is a Veneto-based company with a long tradition of careful research behind it. The design and the choice of natural raw materials contribute to the creation of a product that encompasses the indispensable characteristics to guarantee your feet the comfort they deserve after a long day. The use of only felt wool ensures a soft fit, the felt obtained from an ancient and special process is able to keep you warm even in the middle of winter. The solid latex sole ensures safe walking on even the slipperiest surfaces of your home.

The collection offers a rainbow of colors, which, alongside the characterful, neat and essential design, is declined in an appealing combination of modernity and tradition. A sparkling, contemporary style that, while in the privacy of the home, will make your slippers a pleasant fashion accessory for women men. Löwenweiss slippers are handmade in Italy, the raw materials are drawn from nature in the name of an environmental ethic that is now indispensable.