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It is natural that a woman seeks a particular and distinctive accessory able to communicate a precise message to the observer. A bag that knows how to assert style, prestige and at the same time reflect the value of well-made things. If the female accessory par excellence is now declined in many different models, it is also true that each has its own unique characteristics and its strengths. A shopper or a shoulder bag are among the most functional models, suitable for any situation and time of day, while a purse is portable both day and evening, thanks to the smaller measures, there are also the classic and timeless models, those that should never be missing in women's wardrobes, like handbags. REPTILE'S HOUSE a particular accessory that manages to communicate a precise message to the observer. A bag that suggests personality, love for beautiful and well-made things. Their particular structure, the original handles, the unique shapes make it an iconic model, which resists the rapid succession of fashions.


REPTILE'S HOUSE bags are not only designed to be admired, they are also extremely functional accessories. Each model has internal pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap that makes the bag even more versatile and practical. A wide choice of colors, styles, sizes to make sure that every woman finds the ideal REPTILE'S HOUSE. REPTILE'S HOUSE is MADE IN ITALY and is the result of research, inspirations and stimuli that come from nature from art and the street; each bag is made of fine leather, each piece is unique, each product is a refined object of great quality MADE IN ITALY. The REPTILE'S HOUSE is a company that produces in Italy, the bags are born from the hands of artisans who use traditional techniques that make the products even more precious. We start from the design of the object, then we move on to the raw material that is modeled, carved, printed or woven, assembled with all the components, washed, pre-dyed and put into the drum so that it reaches the hands of a craftsman who finishes it. he gives her that unrepeatable uniqueness. The last step is the supervision of the finished product, essential to ensure that the bag is perfect in its entirety and is therefore ready for a new beginning.