AMERICAN VINTAGE was born in 2005 from an idea by Mickaël Azoulay. The style of AMERICAN VINTAGE takes its inspiration from America but with a retro touch, the reinvented t-shirt to be worn with stone washed jeans. Mickaël Azoulay passionate creative and globetrotter, has sought inspiration for the streets of the world. It has availed itself of a group of creatives managing to overturn some basic concepts: it has given a touch of novelty to the T-shirts that can not miss in the wardrobe of each of us.


AMERICAN VINTAGE offers collections characterized by a pure and extremely simple style; the brand is constantly looking for new materials, mixing natural fibers to create garments that become a delicate embrace for the body. AMERICAN VINTAGE is able to cheer up fashion with a rich palette of colors with original pigmentations and unique details. Styles are named after US states or cities. AMERICAN VINTAGE lines are designed by a fashion team looking for simplicity, novelty, femininity, for a dynamic and easy comfortable fashion. The collections are designed as layers that customers can combine according to how they feel. Colors and materials are carefully chosen by designers to reflect that feeling of uniqueness and comfort and to reveal the personality of the wearer.


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