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Our selection BAGGHY


The Bagghy brand was born from an idea of ​​the Paduan entrepreneur and stylist Nicola Mattiazzo who, after years of experience gained in the family business, decides to create his own collection and calls it Bagghy. The name is a bit of a slang for handbag, small bag, even if the word bagghy does not exist in the dictionary!
The company began producing women's bags featuring prints and it was an immediate success. Bagghy bags are immediately recognized thanks to the iconic postcard-style prints of large metropolises (London, New York but also Italians such as Rome and Venice) or famous divas (the beautiful ones with the face of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe).
Bagghy bags and accessories are refined and fun.
The brand offers extremely original and glamorous models. All the products of the brand are made with the highest quality materials.
There is no shortage of fantasy designs with classic but refined shapes, solid colors in fine leather, handbags with chain as a decorative element or with studs. The Bagghy is a bag for both day and evening, it is the "handbag" par excellence, even the name suggests it.
The collections offer models of all types and for all tastes and needs, from functionally capacious day bags to practical shoulder straps, from buckets to kellys (i.e. the satchel-shaped bag created for Princess Grace of Monaco), up to the inevitable mini bags.
Accessories with character, for the woman who wants to stand out with style and originality. Each bag is the personal interpretation of the wearer, a second skin with which to feel yourself without the need for anything else.