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Those born in Veneto region have to do with beauty right away, beauty is in the eyes and in the hands. The tradition of shoemaking in this area dates back to antiquity, perfected during the Middle Ages and through history, from father to son, prospering from generation to generation. For the Venetians, dedication, research and craftsmanship remain priceless, values ​​that have not been lost over time but are alive in commercial activities in what is still seen today as an ideal extension of the Grand Canal: the Brenta Riviera. VIOLA RICCI, produces shoes with a refined style, classic but lively, recognizable. The VIOLA RICCI shoes have the quality of the MADE IN ITALY product, highly controlled and finished in every detail, therefore of the highest quality. VIOLA RICCI is a leader in 'sacchetto' processing. In this type of work, the lining of the upper is sewn with a soft sole, which guarantees the shoe a flexibility and a unique comfort, such as to make the shoe a real glove for the feet.

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