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UN TE' DA MATTI is a brand born from the idea of ​​Sara Battaglino; Sara began as an architect and worked for years in the profession, then, after following a project related to women's prisons, she considered embarking on a new adventure and getting closer to craftsmanship; it is in fact the period dedicated to the formation of girls in prison to provide Sara with a new awareness and the discovery of some of her latent potentialities.

The name of this brand completely made in Italy is inspired by the seventh chapter of "Alice in Wonderland", they are practically unique, regenerated pieces that come from the past and belonged to someone else's time and now, thanks to the precious ideas of Sara find a new life and a new location. Bags that perfume of stories, experiences and memories; dedicated to those who, like the mad hatter, think it is always tea time and succeeds despite duties and commitments to carve out a moment.

The bags are all handmade, packaged by hand. The bag is a must-have accessory for a woman, it is part of everyday life, it must be comfortable capacious and practical, but at the same time aesthetically gratifying. UN TE'  DA MATTI proposes a line of transversal and ageless bags, dedicated to dynamic women, women seeking the quality of materials, women with a well-defined personality, careful, informed and with an eye on our time.

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