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Brand founded in the 1980s in Carpi, the historic knitting district in Emilia.
PHISIQUE DU ROLE has solid roots in its own land and in its philosophy it combines history and tradition with a good dose of imagination and a bit of extravagance. The brand is based on centuries of craft experience transformed into modern and sports lines. From the love for travel and for the world, PHISIQUE DU ROLE receives an important inspiration, as can certainly be seen in the Japanese volumes combined with liberty prints, all wisely combined with the craftsmanship of Made in Carpi.
Carpi is still an important source of ideas and innovations not only for knitwear, but also for washing, dyeing and tailoring typical of Made in Italy.
Wool combined with viscose neoprene or other natural materials such as linen and cotton make the collections free to be interpreted by the wearer, a comfortable, well-made, androgynous, practical and durable fashion
PHISIQUE DU ROLE is not only attentive to beauty but also to the "good"; the company has an eye for style and quality but also for the environment, in fact it usually also uses regenerated wools, eco-sheepskin and eco-furs, that is ecofriendly or naturally derived fabrics.

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