Our selection PATRIZIA FABRI



The history of the oldest Roman laboratory of hats, began in 1936 with the Cirri family, former hatters operating in Tuscany and continued in 2003, thanks to the passion and tenacity of Patrizia Fabri, who found it renamed as "Antica Manifattura Cappelli", maintaining so alive a rare testimony of the world of handmade hat. In the atelier, two fundamental factors coexist: tradition, well represented by a complex work based on original wood forms, followed by manual ironing and innovation, essential to update and make the hat a current accessory and in step with the dictates of fashion. In the laboratory, the knowledge learned over time by the modists and hatters survives, which still today continue to operate thanks to ancient and expert methods, creating historical hats, hats for haute couture and original pieces at the specific request of the client. The "single piece", strong point of the atelier, becomes a hallmark for those who want a classy and timeless hat such as the cylinder and the panama; a way to be absolute protagonists of an impeccable style and capable of enhancing a face, a characteristic, a personality.