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The small family-run factory where shoes are made, is very far from glossy magazines and trendy boutiques where the Fiorentini + Baker products inevitably end up. Probably it is this "not minding the FASHION" to give the brand an undeniable advantage. Fiorentini + Baker uses only quality materials, produces unique models using vintage fabrics, soft leathers, velvety suede.

Each model of Fiorentini + Baker boasts quality features and unique design, so as to become recognizable therefore synonymous with an unmistakable style.

Deborah Baker, designer and founder of the brand, has silenced a great interest in shoes during her childhood playing with her colorful and varied shoe collection of her godmother and then attending Cordwainers College alongside Emma Hope (still her great friend) and by Patrick Cox. After graduating Deborah decides to refine her skills in Italy where culture and lifestyle allow the designer to inspire and create FIORENTINI + BAKER.

In fact, after years of freelance Debora yields to the pressures of family and friends and launches its first collection: success is immediate, the product is superlative, timeless, made in Italy, combines design with tradition and above all Deborah continues to work while having fun.

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