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AU PETIT BONHEUR is an idea born of the desire to get involved in Liberitutti, a social cooperative in Turin, which in 2003 plans to use a clothing brand as a social and economic cultural promotion. AU PETIT BONHEUR develops thanks to the collaboration of "Liberitutti" the social cooperative and "Krearte art and crafts", a voluntary association, which unites young designers, creatives and designers and women with a passion for sewing, everything happens in a stimulating and varied laboratory; here we produce fashion items, accessories and design pieces strictly MADE IN ITALY. The first step towards national growth comes when the exhibition space is opened in the central Via Principe Amedeo 35 in Turin. More and more women are approaching the project and the creations and this space becomes a special dynamic creative and personal growth place. Ideas flow, AU PETIT BONHEUR gathers different knowledge, brings diversity together and promotes good taste.


The fashion of AU PETIT BONHEUR is comfortable, suitable for all types of women; shapes and volumes are studied and not at all left to chance; it is a colorful, lively and at the same time simple and refined fashion. AU PETIT BONHEUR is a brand entirely MADE IN ITALY, a craft product for those who love to stand out, for those who love quality in fabrics, for all women who know how to combine fashion and comfort without becoming banal. Each collection of AU PETIT BONHEUR is timeless, modern but classic, original and transversal dynamics.

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