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JDK Bags and more is a small artisan company founded in Padua in 1982 by Marirosa Rigo. Marirosa comes from a family of creative women, her mother designed hats for ladies and her aunt had a tailor shop in Milan so it was almost spontaneous for her to devote herself to fashion. Before opening her business, Marirosa undertook several jobs: she worked as an accountant in several companies, she was a "visual freelance" and in her free time she has always cultivated her love for painting. When she met her first husband, who was in charge of leather accessories and furnishings, she was immediately fascinated by this material! At the beginning the first creations were clothing items that uniquely combined fabric and leather. Marirosa had created two main lines: a more whimsical and original and another more rigorous and essential. Leather accessories were born around 2010. Beginning in the mid-2000s, she began working in the family business Veronica Organo, Marirosa's eldest daughter. Veronica has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, with her passion for art, photography and new technologies has given a new impetus to the company.


JDK's mission is to create products with clean and recognizable lines, to use quality materials; to combine beauty with functionality. JDK works to ensure that consumers are always satisfied. JDK pays particular attention to Italian suppliers that respect the environment during the phases of leather processing, also tries to waste as little resources as possible, the pockets and labels are made with pieces of leather that would otherwise have to be thrown away. Each piece is unique, handmade and MADE IN ITALY.


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